Faulty printers: repair or replace?

Printer issues can significantly impact your workplace’s productivity and leave your team feeling frustrated. And, whether you like it or not, even the best printers will eventually stop performing at their peak.

Whether this means your printer is slowing down, experiencing errors regularly, or simply refusing to work, decisions must be made when this happens.

When deciding whether to replace or repair your printer, keep the following factors in mind:

  • The printer’s age
  • The device’s lifetime volume
  • Cost per page
  • Repair labour costs

The printer’s age

When considering the device’s age, keep in mind when the model was released rather than just the date you purchased it. For example, if you’ve had a printer for five years but the model was released two years before, the expected lifetime and accessibility of parts may be affected. If a device is approaching “legacy status,” meaning it is more than seven years old, replacing the printer is your best bet for a few reasons.

For starters, replacement parts become extremely difficult to come by. If you are fortunate enough to find what you require, the components can be costly to purchase. Second, your device may no longer be compatible with the most recent firmware upgrades, which can significantly slow down performance. Finally, there may be new features that were not previously available, which may make spending slightly more money on a replacement printer worthwhile.

For example, if your current model has a low pages per minute rate or does not support duplex or wireless printing, a newer model with those features that would make your work environment more efficient may be available for just a little more than the cost of a printer repair.

The device’s lifetime volume

The lifetime volume of the device is the second factor to consider when deciding between repair and replacement. Printing a configuration page from the device should allow you to see the lifetime volume, similar to how much mileage you have on your car. Even new devices can “burn out” quickly if they are used more than the manufacturer’s recommended monthly volume.

The duty cycle tells you what the device can do at its maximum, but it is not a healthy average for the device. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the recommended monthly volume by 84, where 84 represents a year of twelve months for seven years. If your device has a higher page count than that, replacement may be your best option.

Always consider your monthly volume when selecting a printer that is best suited to your environment.

Cost per page

If you already have a managed print provider, the cost per page should be listed in your most recent agreement. If your device is an older model, it may be worth discussing whether replacing it would reduce the cost per page on your contract, especially if it’s a blended rate for multiple makes and models.

If you do not use a managed print provider, you can calculate the cost per page by dividing the price of a toner cartridge by the number of pages printed before needing to replace it. The newer model will frequently support a higher capacity toner cartridge or will require less expensive toner cartridges, saving you money on total printing costs.

Labour repair costs

While some repairs can be completed on-site with the right parts, others will necessitate the assistance of a managed print service technician. If your company does not already have a managed print partner, requesting a quote upfront is always beneficial.

When labour costs are factored in, the repair bill can quickly balloon. When deciding whether to replace the printer, compare the total price of replacement parts and labour to the cost of a new device.

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Why you should consider printer rentals

Printer rentals can help the small and home office market segment tackle two significant problems: satisfying the occasional requirement for high-quality printed papers and saving money.

If your company is classified as a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), you are most likely a service provider working in bookkeeping or accounting, marketing, consulting, public relations, or a related field.

In addition, you primarily communicate electronically and do not frequently require high-quality printed materials. And while you rarely copy documents, you might need to occasionally.

With your limited hardware budget, you could probably get by with a little inkjet printer approximately 90% of the time. However, now and again, a project arises that necessitates printing a proposal or other substantial business document.

Printer rentals might be the solution. Most computer rental companies rent laser printers for short-term use. For example, you can rent one for two days if you know you’ll be working on your proposal over the weekend, or you may choose to rent a printer for a week if you want to give yourself some additional time.

Printer rentals allow you the option of printing and reprinting documents as needed. If you print the document and then discover an error or decide to add more to it, you can make the necessary modifications and then reprint it. If you are running late, you have the convenience of having a high-quality printer right in your workplace. If you require additional copies of the document, you can print them right away.

Furthermore, printer rentals allow you to compete with larger companies for less. Small and home office enterprises may occasionally find themselves competing with much larger corporations. Renting office equipment like printers helps them project a professional image without spending their limited funds on a printer. If you own a small or home-based business, consider printer rentals the next time you need to impress a potential or existing customer with professionally printed documents.

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